Top 6 Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

IV Hydration therapy uses direct access into the bloodstream to deliver supplements and nutrients. It is common to see IV hydration used for sick people who are weak and lack basic nutrients some of whom are unable to eat. The benefits of IV hydration stems mainly from the fast delivery of nutrient and the 100% availability to the body system.

This benefit of hydration has been used in healthy people for general wellbeing. It is common to see people now receive IV hydration to stay hydrated and restore bodily function.

These benefits have made IV hydration popular as its use have defied the notion that they are for marketing purpose only.

The common benefits of hydration therapy include:

1. More Effective Body Hydration

Drinking water is often not enough to hydrate the body tissues as most of this water would be absorbed along with the digestive system. One of the great benefits of hydration is that fluids get directly to the tissue and hydration is optimal.

Following stressful situations where the body is prone to dehydration and loss of important body nutrients, IV hydration serves as the fastest means for providing the body with adequate fluid and nutrients to return to normal functioning.

2. Boosts Immunity

One of the benefits of IV hydration includes the availability of vitamins and minerals that protects the body against illnesses and helps fight disease. IV hydration is often enriched with vitamins B12 and C that are useful for the normal functioning of the immune system. Some of these also contain compounds like magnesium which are useful nutrients for bodily health.

IV hydration is also beneficial for ensuring that the immune-boosting function begins quickly giving the body the required protection on time.

3. Better Cognitive Function

The effects of dehydration are commonly seen with mental functions manifesting as fatigue, loss of concentration, impaired memory functions. The brain slows down and the processing of information is altered.

IV hydration provides the necessary fluid level to supply tissue and keep the brain well hydrated. Staying hydrated improves cognitive function by helping the brain thereby positively affecting activities and information processing.

4. Supports Organ Functioning

The effect of dehydration is most severe on the kidney. The best way to keep the body in good health and to ensure proper organ functioning is through hydration. For proper functioning of the body, one needs about 2-3L of water daily.

Also, adequate hydration helps prevent the buildup of toxins in the kidney by supplying enough fluids to help flush toxins out of the body system.

Drinking water is often insufficient to deliver this amount of fluid to tissue and hydrate the kidney and other organs well. IV hydration ensures an optimal supply of fluids to the Kidney and Liver, thereby enabling these organs to function appropriately.

5. Better Skin, Joint, and Muscle Functioning

The cells that make up the skin are very sensitive to dehydration. When dehydrated, the skin is usually prone to drying, wrinkling, and loss of its characteristic complexion. Also, dehydration manifests as muscle weakness as the muscle cells become dehydrated. Also, the joint function becomes affected.

IV hydration offers immense benefits to the skin, joint and muscle by ensuring they are adequately hydrated. IV hydration benefits on the skin include a better complexion and prevention of skin dryness. Some IV hydration cocktail includes nutrients like glutathione and other antioxidants that aid wound healing and repair damaged cells.

6. Reduces Recovery Time And Improves General Wellbeing

A major benefit of IV hydration is the quick recovery it offers. Whether it’s fatigue from jet lag or a very intense workout, IV hydration helps the body quickly recover all its lost fluids and electrolytes. It also improves the perception of wellbeing by its refreshing capabilities as well as provides the body with instant vitality for proper functioning.

The benefits on overall well-being cannot be overemphasized as adequate hydration helps improve sleep quality, has great quality on mood, and significantly improves cognition.

Other Benefits of IV Hydration

In conditions when the digestive system needs to be rested during certain illnesses intravenous hydration is used to deliver fluids, vitamins, and minerals directly to the body system.

Major nutrients such as amino acids can also be given through an IV infusion. IV treatment is recommended for weight loss programs and serves as an effective means to treat or cure a hangover.

IV Hydration Therapy FAQ

How Does IV Hydration Work?

The infusion delivers the fluid and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. The fluid might be a saline solution, a glucose-containing fluid (Dextrose water), or one containing a mixture of important electrolytes (Ringer’s Lactate) like sodium, potassium, calcium chloride.

Some medical centers such as St Andrews Medical Center also have IV infusion cocktails with additional valuable nutrients for the Infusion.

What Are The Side Effects Of IV Hydration Therapy?

The Infusion for hydration is generally are safe one with no side effects. It is well tolerated and very convenient. However, some people may complain of irritation or soreness over the side of the Infusion needle.

Taking an IV Hydration in a center such as St Andrews Medical Center means that there are trained experts available to monitor the whole procedure and attend to any complications.

How Long Does The Whole Procedure Take?

The whole procedure depends on the reason for the IV hydration therapy. It usually informs the number of infusions and the rate at which the infusion is delivered into your body. Generally, it usually takes about 45 minutes to some hours.

The effects of the IV hydration therapy can be seen within a few minutes to hours.

How Much Does The IV Hydration Therapy Cost?

The cost of the IV infusion varies with the constituents of the IV fluid. A cocktail of nutrients will be more expensive compared to a plain saline infusion. However, depending on the hydration benefit you are looking to get they range between $199 and $800.

The cost of the IV hydration infusion at St Andrews Medical Center is about $199 dollars with the fluid containing Vitamins and Magnesium.

How Can We Help?

At St Andrews Medical Center, we have a good facility and trained staff who can administer the IV hydration therapy at four different locations here in Los Angeles. An appointment can be made at any of these facilities to have the IV hydration done


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